The F(emale)-Suite is a peer-to-peer collective that works together to increase the number of women in c-suite and executive positions.

By the time women reach the SVP level, they hold just
20% of line roles, and line roles lead more directly to the C-suite.


We are a community that strives to empower women in the workplace. We want more women in c-level and executive roles. We are passionate about building community and we want women to succeed by following their dreams and unraveling their fears. Join us.



Through one-on-one sessions we work to offer guidance, and build community. Our volunteer mentors want to make a difference. Through their generosity, we are able to offer this program at no cost. Mentorships help women succeed in the workplace one session at a time.  



There are so many resources available but sometimes you may not know where to look. As a community, we will highlight these resources and do our best to share the knowledge. We wholeheartedly understand that we are stronger together and we must keep the conversation going. 

Women remain underrepresented across organizations
—especially at senior levels of leadership.
— LeanIn.Org and McKinsey